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Our collection procedures can be tailed to suit your business needs, we don’t just offer one style of collections for all. We utilise a sequence of demand letters as well as phone calls including SMS communications to make that first contact with your debtor, this formalises our engagement and obtains the debtors acknowledgement. Our Case Managers then utilise their skills by working with the Debtors to get the Debt resolved as quickly and commercially possible to all parties. We achieve this not only through experienced Case Managers but with the assistance of Industry Leading Debtor Management Software that monitors, tracks and processes recoveries fast and efficiently.

Our software is also integrated with several National Search Data Base providers, making locating those skipped Debtors easier and faster. If we are unable to locate a Skipped Debtor using our internal systems, we have associations with external National Skip Trace Investigators who can assist further on fee based on success.

Our Clients love us because:

  • Debts collected fast
  • No Collect, No Fee
  • Free 24hr Online Access to us
  • Tailored Recovery Solutions

Alliance Mercantile - The Benefits of Debt Collection

Posted by Alliance Mercantile on Thursday, 12 March 2015

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