Skip Tracing/Field Calls

Alliance Mercantile utilises several internal database searches and Field Agents which can often lead to a Skipped Debtors whereabouts. If Debtors whereabouts can’t be confirmed through our internal processes, we have access to a number of professional external Field Call and Skip Tracing agents around Australia.

We only engage external Agents who meet our high level of professional expectations, who conduct themselves in the same assertive but clear manner while treating debtors with respect.

What is a field Call?

This is where our Field Agent attends to the debtors location to confirm their address, discuss the consequences involved in not paying their debt, with the aim of discussing how they are going to settle the debt.

This action demonstrates to the debtor that you are taking the outstanding debt seriously and not simply intending to write it off. In addition, this action can provide us with information from Field Agents report as to whether to commence legal proceedings based on our Agents experience in the field and communication with the Debtor.

What is skip tracing?

Skip tracing is when the debtor has no, or outdated, contact information. We use skip tracing database searches to locate debtors, such as public databases, paid marketing database records, internet and social media site which often prove successful.

For those harder to find Debtors, our external Agencies with their licensed and professional private investigators conduct a more detailed search on fee for location basis.